Connecting people and policy.

We help people achieve change. How?


At a glance

Amplifying patient voice

We facilitate conversations, putting patients' concerns into language policymakers understand.

Championing diversity and inclusion

Combating inequality is at the heart of our work.

Saving the NHS money

We aim to improve patient outcomes and safety while saving the NHS time and money.

Saving NHS staff time

NHS staff are under constant time pressure. We work to relieve this without compromising care.

Keeping people safer

Patient safety drives everything we do. When people's voices are heard, they are safer.

Guided by patients

We are the only organisation of our kind that is patient-led and run.

Evidence-driven change

We design and deliver pilots of our proposals, gaining the evidence required for change.

Reducing burnout

Healthcare professional? Policymaker? Achieving the changes you want can help you avoid burnout.

Our ideas are YOUR ideas

We provide full credit and compensate you for your time. Make a difference by sharing your thoughts.

We want to talk with you

We talk to people from all walks of life, and engage collaboratively at every level.

How we help

We listened to patients who told us they didn't feel their experiences were truly heard by the NHS. They felt frustrated, because they wanted to ensure lessons were learned, to better protect future patients. We heard from healthcare professionals burning out of their careers because they were unable to achieve meaningful change.

We listened - and we are building a new approach to policy. One where everyone's voice is heard.



Our first policy proposal will improve patient safety on mental health wards.



You can make a difference by speaking up. Your voice matters.

£12 million+


Our first policy pitch can deliver a minimum of £12 million in savings for the NHS in the first year.



An NHS CCG and a nationwide private hospital provider want to participate in our first pilot.

Our story

Our story begins last November, when a woman called Chloe* had to go into hospital after her mental health got worse. Chloe met some fantastic staff before having a bad experience in NHS care.

Chloe did complain, yet she knew that would only fix the problem on her ward. But she wanted hospitals across the country to learn from her case, to prevent the same thing happening to other people.

We help patients like Chloe use their experiences to protect others, and improve things for future patients.

(*Chloe's story is shared with her permission. Name changed to protect her privacy.)

Wondering what other people think about us?

Open Source Policy represents what seems to me an entirely new approach to engage with patients...

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